Blue Hole Canoe Floats, Inc.
63800 East 40th Road                     *PROPERTY FOR SALE*
Quapaw, OKlahoma 74363
Call Us at (918) 542-6344                                                                                                                            







Come Float With Us!

We invite you to explore Spring River Canoe Trails


Fun For All Ages!

Pet Friendly!







Take the 2-Day Float Trip and camp within walking distance of the High Wind Casino!!!


11 Casinos within 30 mile driving radius of

Blue Hole Canoe Floats, Inc.

Ottawa County Casinos:

  • High Winds Casino, Miami
  • Buffalo Run Casino, Miami
  • Border Town Bingo & Casino, Miami
  • Downstream Casino, Quapaw
  • Grand Lake Casino, Grove
  • Joe's Outback, Miami
  • Lucky Turtle Casino, Wandotte
  • Peoria Gaming Center, miami
  • Quapaw Casino, Miami
  • Stables Casino, Miami
  • Wyandotte Nation Casino, Wyandotte